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Graphite and Its Awesome Properties

Graphite is one of the many interesting forms of carbon. And carbon I love! It morphs into coal, diamond, graphite, graphene, fullerenes, nanotubes, buckyballs and more, all with their own set of fantastic properties. Except for CO2, that causes global warming. But graphite is awesome!

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By: Mehdi Sadaghdar

Graphite iPhone 12 Pro Unboxing & First Impressions!

A quick unboxing of Apple's New iPhone 12 Pro Gray/Graphite and my first impressions of the iPhone 12 Pro design in the new Graphite color. The iPhone 12 Pro has improved cameras, MagSafe, and a new larger 6.1" display!

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0:00 - iPhone 12 Pro Graphite Color Unboxing
0:17 - Opening The 12 Pro Box
0:19 - Why I Chose The Graphite 12 Pro This Year
0:44 - Removing The Front Film
1:03 - Look \u0026 Feel Better Than Last Years 11 Pro Colors
1:33 - Graphite 12 Pro Next to 11 Pro Midnight Green
1:46 - Graphite vs the Pacific Blue 12 Pro
2:17 - Device from The Front
2:26 - Graphite vs Pacific Blue vs Gold vs Silver 12 Pro
3:11 - What Else is in The Box?!
3:54 - Testing Out Cases on the Graphite 12 Pro

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Intro Song: Marble Tea - Shawn Wasabi

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Difference Between Graphite and Graphene

Graphene and graphite are two such materials which have found widespread application in various industrial sectors. Although the former is derived from the latter, there are certain distinct differences in their features.

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With advancing research and development we have numerous ultramodern materials which have a high potential for application not only in current industries but can be adapted easily to function in numerous other industries too.




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